About Us

Pink Fish Designs is a handmade jewelry business that was started by two sisters, Shannon and Helen. Each of us has a different style and a unique perspective, which is reflected in our work. We believe that by combining our different styles, we can create a wide range of designs that will appeal to everyone.

Shannon is the older sister, and more quiet and reserved. Although she'd been involved in music since she was quite young, she never felt she was very artistic. She discovered her crafting side a few years ago during her recovery from cancer. She enjoys learning new things, both jewelry-related and for other crafts, and attending different art and craft retreats when she can. She also enjoys reading and playing with her two spoiled cats.

Helen is younger and was always the odd one out in a quiet, reserved family. She was always involved in arts, from art classes and drama throughout her school years, to the culinary degree she earned. To her, jewelry making is just a further part of that creativity. Her sense of style is much bolder and more contemporary.  She is the proud mom of a spunky three year old boy, and she and her husband spend a lot of their spare time enjoying being parents and spending time with him.