Sunday, April 3, 2011

Buying handmade

Do you go out of your way to buy handmade items? If you're looking at this blog, you've at least shown some interest in our jewelry, which is handmade, but do you seek out handmade versions of other items? I had never given it a lot of thought until the last couple of years, really. I guess I would buy handmade things if I couldn't find what I wanted at a store, but I'd rarely sought out handmade goods, just for the sake of buying handmade. However, since we've started trying to sell online, I've realized there are a lot of people out there selling handmade stuff. So next time you're looking for something for yourself or someone else, why not try to buy handmade?

Need help finding handmade stuff? Try these suggestions:
1. Ask your friends and family - many of them have probably bought handmade goods before, they may have favorite sellers they've used
2. Google (or your favorite search engine) - just plug in the word handmade and whatever you're looking for.
3. Artfire - A collection of sellers selling handmade and vintage goods
4. Etsy - A collection of sellers selling handmade and vintage goods
5. of course, if you're looking for jewelry, we highly recommend our site: Pink Fish Designs

Whether you buy from us or someone else, next time you're looking for that perfect something, consider buying handmade.

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  1. Your Blog is a great way to direct the flow of traffic. Good Luck