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Vintage Thursday - Timeless Vintage

Welcome back to Vintage Thursday! Today, we're talking to Pam of Timeless Vintage.
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Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Pam and I'm from the Midwest. Originally from Chicago but I relocated to a small town in southern IL (Mt. Vernon) about 11 years ago. My hubby and I have been married for 11 years. I have stepchildren and keep very busy. I also work outside my home on a part time basis. I run two shops on Etsy as well: RetroRustics and HempNaturals. I love the classic style of dress from the 40s-50s. I'm also an old classic movie buff! I can say some movies almost word for word.

What first sparked your interest in vintage items? Have you always loved them, or did something in particular spark your interest in them?

I've always loved vintage, probably before I KNEW it was vintage. :) I think my mom said it best when she said to me: "I think you were born old". I think she's right! I've always had friends much older than myself. I've always loved old clothes, movies, books, etc. I also prefer a 'weathered' look rather than a polished one (although I like both). Vintage takes me back to my childhood in the 60's with a smile on my face from my fond memories. We didn't have much but I enjoyed the things we DID have.

How long have you been selling vintage?

I've been selling vintage for about 2 years now.

Do you have a particular time period, style, or type of item you prefer to focus on?

I don't have any particular style or focus when it comes to vintage. As for selling though, I have focused mainly on housewares, home decor, collectibles and some accessories (i.e. aprons, handbags, gloves, etc.). But I love all kinds of vintage.

Do you have any advice for people interested in collecting vintage items? Such as: How to know the difference between something truly vintage vs something new but made to look vintage, or where to find information about vintage items?

How to tell if an item is truly vintage? Hmmmmm....I don't specialize in clothing, so that's not always a black or white answer. I'd have to say markings on the piece is one of the first things I look for on vintage. So I look for markings on a piece to detect whether it's actual vintage. The marking can be: a designer name, maker, artist, store or perhaps the year made. Any kind of marking will usually lead you to learn about the piece via the internet. I begin my research on a piece by Googling the markings as they appear on the piece. You'll be amazed at what information you will find. If there are no markings on the piece, I then look at the piece for detection of age such as crazing Also, sometimes crazing (fine cracks in the glaze which cannot be felt in the touch of the item) can indicate age as well. I also have to say, sometimes it's just instinct.

What's your favorite item for sale in your shop right now?

My favorite item that's for sale right now: 

Vintage Chenco Metal Canisters /Sugar / Flour / Coffee / Tea

What's your all-time favorite vintage item you've ever owned, whether it's one you sold or one you kept?

My favorite vintage item ever owned or sold is:

Cool groovy retro and vintage LOVE clock. This is such a cool piece! Clock works (battery powered) with minute and second hand. Wooden letters spell L O V E from back in the day. Great piece of retro decor....70s love!
Is there anything else you want us to know about you, your store, or your items?
I love vintage. I love the thrill of the hunt. My friends always ask me: how do you know what will sell or what to buy? I tell them that I have developed a 'sixth sense' about picking vintage. I truly get a feeling inside me that says, I think someone will want this. Or, I want to share this with someone. Or, I think someone is looking for this piece. It's so exciting to me when I get a sale; that tells me I'm doing something right and fulfilling a need for someone else. Ok, maybe it's not really a need but a nice memory that they can relive, or something that makes them smile and think about their childhood or something they want to introduce to their kids or grandkids or give a unique, nostalgic gift.
Please list all the sites where you sell. You're welcome to list sites where you sell other than vintage, but please specify what you sell on them.
I have two shops on Etsy: and My retro shop is all about "back in the day" pieces that sometimes are truly rustic in nature, but always retro. Hempnaturals is my creative side coming out using natural hemp. I found that I love creating using hemp and trying to express myself in various designs. I'm a newbie at this, but always looking to make new and different creations.
Please list all social media sites you're on, so that people can find you.
I have a Twitter account, TheVintageSpot and I'm on Facebook as well. I must confess, I don't regularly keep up with the social media sites. But I periodically visit them.

Thank you for taking the time to tell us a little bit about yourself. I've really enjoyed learning a little more about you, and wish you the best of luck selling both your vintage goodies and your handmade jewelry!

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